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St Matthew-in-the-City

MAY, 2022 

It all started at a house party. I had gone with my friends and there he was, Nick. At first we barely talked, but as the night went on we found ourselves chatting away like old friends. We stayed up late talking about everything under the sun and it was clear that there was something special between us. As the night wound down everyone else went home, but Nick and I still lingered in the living room talking until morning light began to break through the windows. He finally made his move, leaning in for a kiss that felt like nothing I’d ever experienced before.

From then on, we were inseparable; our love blossomed quickly between nights spent watching movies and dinner dates out on the town. We knew early on that this relationship wasn’t just some casual fling; it was meant to last forever.



Nick & Britany - Wedding (345 of 453)
Nick & Britany - Wedding (328 of 453)