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The Feature Weddings Difference

At Feature Weddings, we have created beautiful stories featuring you since 2013.

Here are a few reasons why we unashamedly think you should choose Feature to capture the special moments in your life.

We create a fun and relaxed atmosphere that ensures natural photos

Our goal? Your happiness, hands down. We’re all about working together, to make sure your day is fantastic, while we craft photos and films that reflect your uniqueness. We are easygoing souls with over a decade of experience. We will work with you to make photos and films that you will look back on with fondness.

Getting to know our couples and ensuring you feel at ease in front of the camera is at the top of our list. If you feel relaxed with us, you’ll be comfortable in front of the camera and it will show through in your photos in a truly authentic way.

We often have couples asking us for casual photos rather than posed ones. Want to know a secret? The best casual photos you’ll see across our portfolio, have been gently directed by us. For example, for a recent engagement shoot, at the stunning Lone Pine Estate in Auckland, our amazing couple Ish and Zainab wanted authentic, natural photos capturing their love.

We gently directed the couple, with small tips, such as this shot where we told the groom to place his hand gently on the bride’s face. The result, a natural and intimate-looking shot, that would also work on the cover of Vogue!


We love bringing people and cultures together


Photographing couples, families and cultures coming together with a reason to celebrate brings us so much joy.

Our content will capture the true essence of your day as we celebrate your backgrounds and the special bond you share as a couple.

We will ensure we understand and acknowledge your cultures and will tell these stories through photo and film.

For the wedding of Dahlia and Binyamin, two cultures were combining, Nigerian and Indian. The couple celebrated their backgrounds by introducing their traditions into the ceremony. This was all captured through photo and film, check out the video below.

Our team live and breathe creativity

We are very lucky to have a team of photographers and videographers who love being creative. We’re artists, and to us, photos are like chapters of your personal story, unfolding in the most genuine way.

We will always look at new ways to capture the ultimate image. We will research your venue and nearby locations to ensure we shoot in the best spots possible. We build time into our shoots to ensure we can be creative and have fun with the footage we film, so you end up with content that is uniquely you and tells your story.

For the wedding of Iwa and Hemisha we captured this amazing haldi photo. We just love the way the photo captures this special tradition, while also documenting the reaction of all the girls around her. The best creative images spark an emotion, that is why we love this shot so much.

We can take care of EVERYTHING!

At Feature we aren’t only photographers and videographers, we have a wedding planning service too.


Our Wedding Concierge Package is like having your own fairy godmother throughout the journey. We’re talking about a dedicated planning manager by your side, ensuring every detail is exactly as you imagine. From capturing those priceless moments with our photo and film services to cherry-picking stunning venues, crafting elegant decorations, and ensuring a feast that’ll leave everyone talking.


You won’t need to worry about the nitty-gritty of planning, coordinating with vendors, or juggling multiple deposits. We’re here to take care of it all.


Click here to find out more about this package.


What are you waiting for, send us an email to get chatting about your special day.

Picture of Nayzel Sushil

Nayzel Sushil

Written by Nayzel Sushil, Brand Director at Feature Weddings
Proudly Published by Feature Weddings - NZ & AU