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Creatives, Artists & Storytellers

So, you’re considering having us onboard to capture your big day – and we’re seriously stoked about it. We totally get the energy you’re bringing, and we’re all in for that spirit.

Your love story? Yeah, it’s one-of-a-kind, and we’re all about keeping it real when we showcase it. We’re artists, and to us, photos are like chapters of your personal story, unfolding in the most genuine way.

Our goal? Your happiness, hands down. We’re all about collaborating, making sure your day is fantastic while we craft photos and film that reflect your uniqueness.

Weddings are a wild mix of emotions, and we’re here to keep things smooth & fun. We’re not just your photographers – think of us as friends who happen to capture fantastic moments. Stress-free and good times guaranteed.

We’ve been at this for over a decade, and let’s just say, we’ve seen the magic of this moment. It’s the start of an epic journey you’re embarking on, and we’re here to capture every real, heartfelt moment along the way.

Our style? It’s a mix of modern, emotion-packed, and totally inclusive. 

Easygoing souls who weave tales of wonder, embrace the thrill of new experiences, celebrate the magic of love in all its forms, and float through life with dreams as their compass. Just like love should be. 

– Nayz (Creative Director) 


Introducing Nayzel – the guy who’s all about uncovering the hidden gems in life’s grand events. You know, those understated gems that light up through the people we meet, the bonds we forge, and the love we spread. Born in a quiet Fijian town called ‘Labasa,’ which might not have made the headlines (yet), he hopped over to South Auckland, New Zealand, when he was just a wee three-year-old.

Nayzel’s life story is like a whirlwind of arts and raw creativity . From busting moves on the dance floor to tuning into melodies, and from sketching up style and design to delving deep into the world of photography. He once dreamt of being a global singing sensation, but let’s just say his vocal talents had a different adventure in mind.

Fast forward, and he’s on a mission to create a brand that’s like a warm embrace for all communities. A brand where everyone finds a sense of belonging and love. 

Meet Ben Lv: the ultimate all-rounder on our team.

Based in picturesque Auckland, New Zealand, Ben lives and breathes creativity. His unique talent lies in seeing the world from fresh angles, thanks to his innate ability. He firmly believes that a camera is merely a tool; what truly matters is how you use it.

With unwavering dedication, Ben strives to share his unparalleled viewpoint and limitless creativity with the world. Through his work, he aims to captivate audiences, forging deep connections that go beyond the ordinary.

Say hello to Johnny, a.k.a. Han from the Fast & Furious fame – yep, he’s got that iconic vibe!

Johnny’s on a mission: he’s all about adding heaps of joy and radiance to every shoot. With roots in the stunning landscapes of New Zealand and a sprinkle of Chinese upbringing, he’s a globetrotting pro at soaking in cultures. His adventures fuel his passion for capturing breathtaking moments through his lens.

With his infectious enthusiasm and warm personality, Johnny’s the star storyteller on our team. Brace yourself for plenty of grins and giggles. Having Johnny around means your special day gets an extra dose of magic along with his extraordinary talent. Oh, and keep those eyes peeled – he’s the one you won’t want to miss!

Introducing Zanyel, a lifelong creative spirit. Ever since he was a kid, expressing himself through art has been second nature.

Guided by a vision of making a positive impact, Zanyel thrives on the power of positivity taking the lead. He envisions a world where people unite to chase their dreams, transcending backgrounds and letting creativity flow effortlessly.

With his captivating art and his very essence, Zanyel is molding that vision into reality. Every move, every gesture, and every heartbeat propels change, allowing the world to embrace its limitless potential.

Introducing Renan, the fearless Brazilian filmmaker who took the scenic route from Portugal to New Zealand – talk about a journey of a lifetime! As the creative powerhouse behind Feature Weddings, he’s the mastermind behind those cinematic marvels that whisk us away into a world where all things dreamy come true.

Join Renan on this epic adventure where love, passion, and a whole lot of magic light up the silver screen. Get ready to be utterly spellbound by his storytelling prowess.

Peyton is a Colorado native who is passionate about adventure, travel, and storytelling. He began his creative journey in 2011, making YouTube videos with friends. While he initially focused on international travel and rock climbing, Peyton’s interest in photography slowly grew as he explored new countries and the mountains of Colorado.

After backpacking through Europe for three months after high school, Peyton experienced personal growth and gained clarity about his life direction. In 2019, a concussion accident in New Zealand led him to purchase his dream camera and reignite his passion for documentation. The subsequent global pandemic prompted Peyton to reevaluate his path and embrace change.

We’re really excited to welcome Zach to our team as our new Team Manager! Zach is a true powerhouse with his detailed, perfectionist, and builder mindset. He’s all about precision and creativity, which adds a fantastic Energy to our team. What sets Zach apart is his passion for creativity and his knack for paying attention to the tiniest details – it’s like having a perfectionist artist on board! He’s not just great at organizing tasks and projects, he’s exceptional at it.

Meet Nimish, your go-to videographer! He’s all about weaving incredible stories through visuals. Driven and genuine, he’s a creative genius behind the camera. Nimish isn’t just sociable—he’s the storyteller who brings magic to every frame he captures.

What sets Nimish apart is his unparalleled creativity. He doesn’t just capture moments; he crafts immersive experiences through his videos. His innate ability to think outside the box and transform ordinary scenes into extraordinary tales showcases his exceptional storytelling prowess.

Meet Christina, hailing all the way from Canberra, Australia – the genius behind our marketing mojo and the airborne artist who sends our wedding films soaring.


While she navigates the marketing ship with a pro’s finesse, she’s also the crowned ruler of the skies, nailing those jaw-dropping drone shots even when weddings turn wild. With her in the pilot’s chair, our creativity shifts into hyperdrive.


Christina, the visionary flyer, captures each moment with precision that’ll blow your mind, leaving us absolutely gobsmacked by her skills. Let’s give a big shout-out to the one who’s propelling our team to new heights – and I’m talking about literal heights here!

Meet Tegan, the true maestro of our branding and creative endeavors. With an unwavering focus on even the minutest details, she has earned her place as the go-to authority for all things aesthetic. A virtuoso in the realm of artistic craftsmanship and a genuine creator at heart, Tegan shapes and refines our identity with an unparalleled passion.