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Kreate More Visuals – Wellington Based

Anu is a wedding photographer who was born in Japan, raised in Sri Lanka, and is currently based in New Zealand. He has a passion for travelling and learning about new cultures, which has influenced his work as a photographer. Anu recalls the reason he first started taking proper photos was to save memories while travelling. The purchase of his first GoPro at an airport in Thailand years ago started his journey into photography, a memory he particularly cherishes.

For Anu, being able to look back on all the memories captured through his photography and remember the moment that was lived brings him a lot of happiness. His passion for capturing memories has led him to specialize in wedding photography, where he can use his skills to create lasting memories for couples on their special day. With his unique background and love for travel, Anu brings a fresh perspective to his photography, capturing not only the important moments but also the unique aspects of different cultures and traditions.

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