LIMITED AVAILABILITY – In order to provide the most amazing experience possible for our clients, we only take on a maximum of 30 weddings per year! – 4 Spots Left for 2024

Our Love Story

Our brand was built on the foundation of one ideology. That love is what creates change. We are a team of photographers and videographers that capture the important moments of your life. The expressions of love between soul mates, the laughter shared between friends, the support given from family. You’re building a community with a foundation of love, trust, and unity, and we are here to immortalize that so that you can look back for years and remember these important moments. We are Feature Weddings, a company that creates stories of the human experience, FEATURING you.

Change comes from a strong sense of community. When you are part of a strong community, you have access to love, resources, understanding, and have a better chance to live a life full of purpose. We believe that love is the root of all thriving communities. And what better way to celebrate that than to capture the loving moments of two people starting a new life together?

A wedding is a tradition of the merging of not only two people, but the community behind them. We at Feature Weddings have seen first hand how powerful the union of people can be, and how it can ripple positive change. We know how important your love is, and we aim to capture your human experience in the most authentic and honest way possible.

Feature Weddings is built on the foundation of trust, love, and celebration of all of the beautiful memories that are created in life’s journey. We believe in building communities, in building families, in building a society where love is abundant, and connection is genuine. We are not a corporate brand that will take cookie cutter photos of you. You are a unique individual with your own gifts to offer and we honor that by capturing photos and videos that speak to the entire story of you.

Because we so fully believe in the power of community, Feature Weddings is partnered with a community based organization that helps the younger generation realize their dreams. With every lasting memory you create with us, you will also be making a huge impact on the community at large.

Your love is life changing. Let’s celebrate it.