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Empowering Creativity: Huda Fode’s Masterclass Collaboration with Feature Weddings

At Feature we are all about working with talented creatives, supporting emerging talent and fostering educational opportunities.

As such, we were beyond thrilled to collaborate with the very talented and successful Huda Fode, as she filmed one of her famous master classes to educate young make-up artists.

Huda has three decades of experience in the beauty industry and has become one of the largest and most reputable make-up educators in Australia, Dubai and New Zealand.

Huda has an audience of over 400,000 on Instagram, and 100,000 on YouTube, with followers across the globe tuning in to learn from her incredible make-up skills. Huda’s master classes are focused on teaching artists the latest advanced make-up techniques and expertise. Huda says she is deeply devoted to empowering people and teaching them how to foster self-expression, as such her masterclasses encourage people to embrace their innate artistry.

Huda also has her own make-up line, Huda Fode Cosmetics, with a range of vegan, cruelty-free products. She offers a limited amount of wedding bookings a year, with a truly VIP exclusive experience.

We had the opportunity to film behind the scenes of Huda’s workshop, with a focus on her teaching approach. This included capturing footage of her entire studio set-up along with some of the modules Huda was teaching.

Feature Weddings Director Nayzel Sushil says, “At Feature Weddings, ensuring our clients feel comfortable, and their best selves, is such a pivotal part of what we do. The way Huda empowers makeup artists is so inspirational and we look forward to creating more content for Huda moving forward. We just love opportunities like this where we get to work with such talented creators and give back to the industry.”

Huda will be holding a two-day workshop for young make-up artists at QT Hotel in Auckland City, this month, which we will again be a part of. The content we capture will be used for Huda’s digital and broadcast advertising.

Nayzel says, “Collaborations like this between a videographer and a make-up educator, are incredibly important for our industry, as they ensure artists such as Huda have a  platform to offer the best education possible to New Zealand wedding make-up artists.”