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How To Set The Scene For Your Engagement Photos

You just got engaged! Now that you’ve started the wedding planning you have to schedule your engagement photos. This is a huge milestone and you want to have pictures to beautifully capture and protect these important memories. Here are some ways to really set the scene and make it unique to you and your love.

Once you’ve found a photographer who understands you and your vision, you’re ready to start following these tips and really set the scene for your engagement photos.

1. Pick a special Location
Find a place that has sentimental value to you and your partner. Your backdrop should be a reflection of your love and the life you’re about to start together. Find a special spot, something that feels like you. Some enjoy the beach, others the mountains, or maybe your first date was in an arcade. Whatever location is special to you will make for phenomenal photos.

Traditional Chinese wedding in Auckland New Zealand

2. Set a theme
Pick an idea you can center your photos around. Make it reflect your relationship; make it you! A carnival idea, an at home comfy theme, a picnic, or a snowy mountain escapade. There are so many themes you fashion your shoot over, and this will really make your photos personal and unique to your relationship.

3. Get dressed Up!
This might seem like common sense but it really is important for perfect engagement photos. Whether it’s something fancy like a black tie event or something more free flowing and fun. Dress up! Do your hair and makeup, pick an outfit that makes you feel confident and excited. As simple as it is, this is a really great way to personalize your engagement photos.

4. Bring a prop
You can set the scene and really personalize and enhance your engagement photos with a prop! Use your rings, bring a sign, drinks, food, anything that feels like you and you want to showcase in your photos.

It can even be a furry friend that is part of the family! Having your pet in the photos can enhance your theme and further personalize your photos. Whatever you decide to bring to your engagement shoot, make it something that has significance and meaning to you. It’ll make your photos stand out and last a lifetime.

5. Plan around the Sun
You want the best photos you can get, so you really have to pay attention to lighting and how busy a place can get! If you’re choosing a crowded location, plan to arrive in the least busiest times so there aren’t any distractions during your photoshoot. Planning around the sun will ensure that you and your loved one are looking sharp. If you struggle with finding the right lighting for the mood you want, ask your photographer. They are experts in lighting and will have the best advice when it comes to choosing the best time of day and lighting for a photoshoot.

5. Have Fun!

This is a joyous time! You don’t want to be stiff or stressed in your photos. Relax and have fun with it. Try different poses, different faces, make your photos personal and make it all about you. Take a breath and relax, make funny jokes, mess around, capture who you truly are and showcase the love you both have!

Communicate with your photographer through all of this. If you’re still unsure on how to really set the scene and make it personal, reach out for help. Your photographer will be able to help guide you through the lighting, the poses, and they may even have great suggestions for props and backdrops.

Have fun and enjoy the magic of capturing your love. Congratulations!