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How to plan a multicultural wedding

Multicultural weddings are some of the most beautiful and special weddings. Seeing two cultures expressed side by side as a couple joins their lives, families and communities together is a true gift.

Multicultural weddings are vibrant, unique, inclusive and super fun. Here are some tips on how to incorporate both of your cultures into your wedding ceremony or ceremonies!


Think about timing. Is it better to have one event and will you have enough time to honour both cultures? Or is it better to hold two separate events six months apart? Consider where your families are based and where your guests are travelling from, in making this decision. The last thing you want is to feel rushed and overwhelmed on your special day. Make it work for you.


Before you even begin, sit down and set your budget. Consider the money your family are contributing, your savings, and what you can save between now and the wedding. If your parents would like to cover the costs of separate ceremonies, then highly consider this. If you want to reduce costs, do your research and see if there are ways of combining costs to keep the budget down. Can you hire a venue for a full day at a great price that will allow you to hold two ceremonies across the day? This also applies to your other vendors, can you get a florist, caterers, photographers etc that can provide you with a great package price? Don’t be afraid to ask questions and be clear with your budget and what you need for it.

Ask for help from your families, engaging both cultures

Speak openly with your family and take their advice onboard. Your parents will be able to help with details unique to their cultures and families that they feel are of importance to a wedding. You can take and leave what you like, but this advice is super helpful. Remember, there are many fun and creative ways to bring both of your cultures into one ceremony. You could present a fusion of food from both backgrounds, involve rituals, and bring in traditional music and dances. Have some fun with it!

Keep organised, create spreadsheets, and checklists, sort your emails and research, research, research. If it is all too overwhelming, consider hiring a wedding planner. At Feature Weddings, we have a full concierge service that will take care of everything for you which is invaluable when organising a multi-cultural wedding.

Keep your values as a couple at the centre of all you do

Ensure your wedding is uniquely you while incorporating your cultures and families. This can apply to the aspects you include in your wedding and the style of your wedding. For example, as a couple you might love everything classic and white so go for this for your first ceremony and then go bright and playful for your second ceremony. Also respect your partner and their beliefs and traditions while planning, both of your cultures are equally as important to one another, and together you will celebrate them as a family for years to come.

Communicate to your family and guests before the wedding

Before the wedding, let your family and friends know the cultures and traditions that will be celebrated at your ceremony, what they mean to you and the importance of them. This helps your guests feel included and will avoid any awkward moments! This can be done through your invitations and your wedding website. If there is a language barrier, ensure both languages are included. Be inclusive! Communication prior to the wedding is key and will ensure your day runs smoothly.

Don’t overthink it

A little goes a long way! Adding a few cultural touches can work very well for a multicultural wedding. Include flowers that represent your country of origin, include cultural keepsakes on your tables, use a piece of material from your culture for the groom’s pocket square or jewellery. Being subtle and simple can work very well.

Written by Jem – Feature Wedding