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How to Organize Your Wedding Photos

The period between your wedding ceremony and reception is filled with excitement, joy, love and a whole lot on the to-do list, most importantly your group photos and couple portraits.


Here’s a guide on how to organize your wedding photos, to ensure you have all the couple portraits of your dreams and those pesky group photos too!

Group Shot (10 mins)

Immediately after your ceremony is the best time to get a group shot. This ensures the guests are all there at the same time and no one misses out by being in the bathroom.


Your photographer will find a large spot for all your guests to be and then will stand someplace high to take the shot or stand on a ladder. You, the newly married couple should be front centre, surrounded by your bridal party, then your close family and friends etc.


The basic rule here is, if a guest can’t see the camera, the camera can’t see them!


Family Photos (30 – 45 minutes)


We will then move on to your family photos.


Before your wedding day, sit down as a couple and decide on all the family photos you’d like and list them out from priority onwards e.g. couple with bride’s mum, dad and siblings, couple with groom’s mum, dad and siblings, bride and groom’s mums, dads and siblings and so on.


Then, make sure you choose a great MC, that can command the room and will ensure your family photos are done quickly and efficiently. They should call out the group a few minutes before they are due to ensure it runs smoothly without lots of waiting around for people to show.


Brief your MC on the list and maybe even have another guest on hand who can run to get people if they are hanging around at the bar.

Bridal party (30 minutes)


Your guests can now enjoy cocktail hour, while your bridal party heads off for a few photos.


Generally we need a half hour for these. This set of photos are best taken at the venue or near-by, so precious time isn’t taken up with transport. It’s also a really good idea to have some drinks and snacks organised, as no doubt you’ll be getting hungry after a big day!


Prior to your wedding day, have a good look at Pinterest and let us know if there are any shots that you’d love to have.


Otherwise, relax and enjoy this time with your bridal party, have a laugh and this energy will show up well on camera.


Couple Portraits (1 hour plus)


The moment has arrived, it’s time for your couple portraits. These are the photos you’ll no doubt frame and show your kids, and grandkiddies!


Allow for at least an hour to ensure we have plenty of time to capture natural portraits with you at ease and calm.


Again, prior to your wedding day, have a good look at Pinterest and let us know if there are any shots that you’d love to have.


It’s important to keep in mind that the best “unposed photos” are actually posed! Trust us to give you small directions that will show up beautifully on camera as organic loving moments. Have fun and play up the love, kiss your partner and be affectionate. Just go for it!


You may want to time these photos with golden hour. About one hour before and a half hour after sunset can result in magical lighting that helps create beautiful, dramatic portraits. It has a warmer quality than mid-day sun, and it’s lower in the sky, which helps light your face.


We can also factor in a night shot too, normally just after you cut your cake.


Example timeline


3.00 pm: Ceremony

3.30 pm: Group Photo

3.45 pm: Family Photos

4.15 pm: Bridal Party

4.45 pm: Couple Portraits

6.00 pm: Reception Begins


Written by Jem – Feature Weddings