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How to choose your bridal mehndi

For centuries, mehndi has been used to celebrate Indian weddings. The plant-based dye gives brides-to-be a beautiful way of expressing themselves through customised, personalised designs.


Mehndi is a green plant-based powder form that is made into a paste by combining other elements such as eucalyptus oil, clove oil, and lemon.


It is commonly thought that the darker the bride’s mehndi, the deeper the love between the newly married couple will be. While others believe that the darker the mehndi, the greater the respect and love between the bride and her new mother-in-law.


Mehndi is well-known for its medical benefits all over the world and is thought to protect the bride and groom from viral illnesses before the wedding and is a sign for fertility.


Here are 10 things to consider when choosing your mehndi.


1. Consider your personal style


Your mehndi design should reflect your personal style. Consider the colours, patterns, and themes you love and incorporate them into your design.


2. Look for inspiration


Pinterest is a great source of inspiration, we even have lots of photos up on our Feature Weddings page! Look through a range of designs and save any that catch your eye to show to your mehndi designer.

3. Think about the location of the design


Think about where on your body you would like to have your mehndi applied. Traditional designs on your hands and feet, or a more unique placement, like your back or arms? This again should fit into your personal style.


4. Consider the time it will take


Mehndi designs can be very time-consuming to apply, especially if you have a detailed design. Factor the time needed for the application into your wedding schedule.

5. Consider the budget


Mehndi designs can also be very expensive. Factor in the cost and add this into your wedding budget.


6. Choose a skilled mehndi artist


Choose a skilled and experienced mehndi artist for your wedding day that fits your style. Find an artist who has a portfolio of their work and happily shares this with you.

7.  Block your mehndi artist in advance


Good artists get booked months in advance. Book in early to ensure you have the artist you love, don’t risk missing out!


8. Ask about the ingredients used

Ask about the ingredients that’ll be used in your henna, e.g. fresh paste versus the ready-made (chemical). Organic, natural henna is normally the way to go.

9. Request a trial


Just like make-up and hair artists, mehndi designers offer pre-wedding trials. These are at a cost but may be worth giving a go, to see if you like the design, have an understanding of how long it will take and ensure you don’t react to the ingredients.


10. Relax and enjoy the process


Having your mehndi applied is a special process. Relax and enjoy it! Ensure your designer is someone that makes you feel at ease and is someone that you will enjoy the experience with.

Written by Jem – Feature Wedding