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How to Budget for your Wedding

We understand setting a wedding budget can be daunting, so here’s some advice with how to budget for your wedding.

Look at your budget – plan, plan, plan and don’t go into debt!

Before you start planning look at the money you have in your savings, the money you can save between now and the wedding and the contributions you are receiving from family. Then start setting these beside each line in your budget – we recommend making a spreadsheet. Be sure to have a “slush fund” for any slight overspends or costs that could come up last minute – if that tan runs, you want to be able to fix it right!?

Prioritise your spend
Sit down with your fiancé and agree on the items that are essential for you on your wedding day. Do you want amazing photos and videos, do you want a large wedding with all your family and friends there, delicious food, live music or a gorgeous venue? Prioritise what is important to you and then set your spend accordingly.

Look at your future goals

Think about your goals as a couple in the coming years – do you want to buy a house, or go on a worldwide trip? Then consider whether the amount you are spending on your wedding day aligns with these goals. Weddings are one of the most special days of your lives and do we think the spend is worth it, yes! But you also need to be mindful that one day of your life doesn’t set you behind for years to come.

Where can you make cuts?

Once you have organised your priorities and set your budget think about where you can make cuts. Do you really need your bridesmaids to all have the same shoes or can they wear what they have? Do you need cupcakes and a cake? Look at the “wow moments” that you need and want to focus on, then cut where you can.

Hidden costs

There are many hidden costs involved with wedding planning. Consider the below:

  • Dress alterations: Your dress will likely require alterations. This can cost anything from $50 for something straightforward like a button or hemming to over $500 for larger changes. Shop around and find somewhere that can make the alterations within your budget and be sure to first ask the shop you buy the dress from if this is something they include.
  • Wedding party accessories: You’ll want your wedding party to feel looked after and special, things like jewellery, shoes, gift packs, lipstick, manicures, tans, shoes, umbrellas, food and drinks for the day. Think of the costs you are willing to take on versus which ones are optional.
  • Make-up and hair trial: No doubt you’ll want a make-up and hair trial to ensure you are on the same page with your service providers. These aren’t free! You’ll be paying about $150.00 for this, so add this as a line to your budget.
  • Venue fees: There can be some hidden fees with your venue such as cake cutting, corkage and overtime costs. Be sure to ask what your venue’s policies are for these so you know the final cost.

 Think you are ready to get budgeting? Here’s a checklist to help.

  • Wedding rings
  • Wedding dress/ shoes/ veil/ jewellery
  • Groom’s suit/ shirt/ shoes
  • Bridesmaid’s dresses/ shoes
  • Groomsmen suits/shirts/ shoes
  • Wedding dress cleaning and preservation
  • Pre-wedding hair appointments/ tan/ wax etc
  • Wedding planner
  • Hair and makeup trial
  • Hair and makeup
  • Venue hire
  • Food and alcohol cost (per person)
  • Photographer
  • Videographer
  • Flowers and preservation
  • Wedding cake
  • Wedding celebrant and marriage licence
  • Furniture rentals
  • Wedding invitations
  • Signage
  • DJ/ band/ music
  • Transportation
  • Wedding favours

Written By Jem –  Feature Weddings