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20 Items For Your Wedding Day Emergency Kit

It’s your big day and you want to make sure you don’t run into any last minute hiccups. With all of the planning that goes into a wedding, it’s normal to overlook the minor details that can turn into a big problem on your special day. That’s why we recommend you have a wedding emergency kit ready, for your peace of mind, and a perfect day.  


Trust us, you don’t want to forget about these essentials on your wedding day. Here’s a list compiled of everything you might need for your wedding day emergency kit.

Safety Pins

Almost any fashion emergency can be solved with the aid of safety pins. A broken hemline, torn or loose outfit; safety pins will be your savior. A variety of sizes should be on hand so that you are prepared for any situation.


Make sure you and your hair stay in tip-top shape throughout the whole event. Hairspray will also help with any clingy fabric so your clothes stay as pristine as possible. This 2 in 1 accessory is a must have for your wedding day. 

Sewing Kit

A small sewing kit can come in handy for any fashion mishap that’s too much to be held with a safety pin. You don’t need to be a professional seamstress to sew up a minor tear in any outfit. Keep a variety of thread colors that match the bridal party, the groomsmen, and your dress on hand in case of any fashion faux pas. 


Having small bottles of powder, setting spray, mascara, blotting pads, and lip tint can be a real lifesaver for a wedding. It will prolong your makeup and make sure anybody and everybody is in perfect shape for those wedding photos. Keep travel size amounts to hold up for the day; and have your wedding photos turn out exactly the way you dreamed.

Mints for the Go

No one wants bad breath on the big day, save yourself that problem and keep a pack of mints ready to go. Between the drinks, the food, and the long hours of the day it’s hard to keep yourself feeling fresh all day. Keep a  little pack of mints on hand to have fresh breath all day when you’re mingling with guests and your dearly beloved!


 Between the busy day, the mingling, and the dancing; it’ll be hard to keep yourself fresh and smelling good all day. Keep a small pack of deodorant on hand to avoid this fiasco and keep yourself smelling like roses.

Antacid Tablets

Big day, lots of butterflies and nervous stomachs. With the drinks and the sweets there’s no doubt someone will end up with uncomfortable stomach pains. Keep these tablets on you to be feeling 100% all day. 

Bobby Pins

The dancing on the dancefloor is sure to mess up your perfect hairstyle and cause some flyaways. If your wedding is outdoors you want to be ready for any windy moments or issues that could come about to mess up your do. Keep these bobby pins on you to save your hairstyle in a pinch and keep your hair in place.


Any uncomfortable blisters your shoes might cause, or if you just want your heels to be a little comfier, having a pack of bandages on hand will help out with that. Be ready for any little accidents that might occur, shattered glass, or small cuts; a pack of bandages will come in handy for all of it. 

Q-tips/ Cotton Swabs

It’s an emotional day and you’ll never know just when you might need a q-tip. Smudged makeup from any happy tears or in general any last-minute makeup touch-ups, these are a must have in your emergency day kit. 

Pain Reliever 

It’s a busy day and you’ll be moving around a lot. In case of any headaches or pain that you or your party might have, be ready with a small bottle of pain relievers. Keep everyone in top shape for the big day. 

Portable Charger 

Even if you aren’t on your phone all day the people around you will be taking photos and memories of the big day. There will be a lot of behind-the scenes footage being shot that you will want to look back on, and this will ensure everyone’s phones are charged and you get as many memories of the big day as possible. 

Lint Roller

Ensure the wedding party stays free of fuzz and pristine for all the wedding photos! Keep a small lint roller on hand just in case of any fuzz or lint that might mess up your wedding parties photos.

Lip Balm

You never know you need lip balm until the moment comes that you really need it. Having some lip balm on hand will keep you feeling refreshed after hours of talking to guests and eating at the party. And of course you’ll have your lips soft and ready for kissing your dearly beloved!


Avoid any issues with sunburn and protect yourself by applying spf throughout the day. If you’re having an outdoor wedding, having sunscreen will avoid any aching or pink skin in photos and for the next day and you’ll be happy you kept it in your kit! 

Stain Remover

This is essential for your emergency kit! No matter how careful you are, someone will spill something over the course of the day, and you want to be prepared for this problem. Having this in your kit will keep everyone photo ready!

Earring backs 

Don’t have any moments in the ceremony where someone is crawling around looking for a missing earring, or photos with jewelry missing. Carry extra earring backs and save the time and pain of having to look for the earring that got away.


Lotion can be a real lifesaver for those pesky patches of dry skin. You don’t want to be concerned about if you have dry skin, or if it is showing up in your photos. Keep a small bottle of lotion to keep you feeling [and smelling] fresh all day!


Deodorant and lotion are helpful to keep you feeling refreshed throughout the day, but you want to make sure you look and smell great all day. Don’t carry around a big bottle of perfume, but keep a small travel size one in your kit so you the bridesmaid can stay fresh throughout the day. 

Having an emergency wedding kit is all about being prepared so you can reach and enjoy the special day with no worries. You’ll want to be able to prevent and/or fix any issues that might occur. These few items can help you make sure your big day is just as perfect as you imagined it to be. 

A Great Time!

Planning weddings is STRESSFUL! You put all of this work, time, energy, and money into creating a beautiful and lasting memory for you, your life partner, and all your loved ones. You deserve to kick back and enjoy all your hard labor. The most essential thing to bring to your wedding emergency kit, is to remember it’s YOUR day and it’ll be special no matter what hiccups come along. 

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