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10 wedding items your guests don’t care about

Planning a wedding is super exciting and rewarding, but it can also be super stressful and expensive. You might find yourself in an overthinking spiral… Will your guests enjoy your wedding? Will the monogrammed wine glasses make their day? Is the five-tier cake big enough?!?!


The truth. These things don’t matter to your guests! Here are 10 unnecessary wedding items that you can go ahead and take right off your list.


Printed save the dates

We get it, you are excited and want to start this wedding business off with a bang! However, printed save the dates are a cost you don’t need. Send a digital save-the-date, or don’t send one at all, focus on your invitations and avoid this step altogether.


Expensive invitations

Invitations are a special keepsake and a nice way to set the tone and feel of your wedding, but these don’t have to be expensive. Play with Canva and print these yourselves. Pick some flowers and press them. Include a handwritten note in each invite. Be creative and you can make a huge impact for a low cost.


Unnecessary signage and stationery

Signage, wedding stationery, programs and the like, can add up in price! Focus on one welcome sign and one seating sign, alongside some simple name tags for the tables. You don’t need signage for your gift table and the like, your guests will figure it out!


Large cakes

Don’t get us wrong, your guests love cake, don’t we all, but your guests aren’t fussed about how much cake they get, the flavours, design or even how it is served. Cake cutting is an iconic and symbolic moment that signifies a couple’s love and commitment to one another, but you don’t need a massive overly designed cake. A small cake will do for the photos then you can have a sheet cake served to guests, this will cut costs dramatically.


Wedding favors

Wedding favors seem to be becoming more and more extravagant, but how many times have you left yours behind!? I know after one or two vinos, I’ve left my wedding favor on the table! Instead, serve guests a late-night snack, or add that extra canape to the menu. Focus your spend on ways to make the guests’ experience richer during the event. That wrapped cookie or monogrammed pack of tissues can be done without!


Bouquet and garter toss

The bouquet and garter cost are fun traditions, but they are outdated. Don’t put your single guests on the spot and spend this time doing something else, such as dancing instead! These are uncomfortable moments you can do without.


Elaborate table centrepieces


Elaborate table centrepieces, tablecloths and too many flowers are an expense you can do without. Your guests will be focused on the company, the speeches, the food, the wine, the laughs, the fun…. anything and everything but the table centrepieces! Keep it simple and don’t spend too much of your budget on the guest tables.


Open seating

Some couples think it’s nice for guests to be able to choose their seats, but this can be awkward, especially for those guests who have come as a couple, or alone, and don’t know anyone. Spend the time creating a seating chart to ensure your guests are seated with like-minded people, that they will enjoy spending the night with. This attention to detail and care will go a very long way.


A custom wedding book

A custom wedding book is a nice idea, but often the guests have so much else going on they forget to write in it! The MC will remind them several times throughout the night, and then in a last-minute dash, you’ll get a bunch of random drunken messages at the end of the night. This may be a good laugh, but a custom wedding book is something you can do without. Spend the money on having you photographer and videographers there for longer to capture the special moments of the evening for you.


A choreographed first dance

If you want to go to dance lessons as a couple prior to the wedding, this is great. It can be a great way to bond and have some fun together. But a choreographed first dance isn’t necessary. Choose a song you both love and have fun in the moment, then invite your guests to the dance floor and party the night away!

Written by Jem – Feature Weddings