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10 ways to include your wedding guests

Your wedding day is extremely important, not only to you as a couple, but to your family and friends too. It’s not often your closest people are all in the same place and no doubt some have travelled from afar. You’ll want your loved ones feeling special and welcome, so here are 10 ways to get them involved on your wedding day.

Greet your guests before the ceremony

Do things a bit differently and greet your guests at the beginning of your ceremony. This works best for smaller weddings but can make the guests feel welcomed and important right away. Whether this is the groom shaking their hands, both the bride and groom greeting guests upon arrival, or important family members welcoming each guest and ensuring they feel loved and included.

Include guests in your wedding party

One of the most personal ways to include your guests is to ask them to join your wedding party as a bridesmaid, groomsman, maid of honour, best man etc. This means your closest people can have a special role on your big day. You might want your dad and maybe mum to walk you down the aisle, to include the young ones as flower girls or even the older ones – nanas can make great flower girls!

Guest vows

You could include all of your guests, by having them take some collective vows at the beginning of the ceremony, whether that’s to support you in your marriage, dance the night away or each have a shot of tequila. Make it fun!

Conduct a ring-warming

Another beautiful way to include all of your guests, is to conduct a ring-warming. This is a Celtic tradition where the wedding rings are passed around to all of the guests to bless, before they’re exchanged by the couple. Or, you could have them at the beginning of the aisle and have guests bless them as they walk in. Tip – don’t leave the rings loose, make sure they’re in a box.

Have a guest do a reading

Ask a guest to do a reading at your ceremony. This can be a special poem, a piece from a book or song lyrics. Anything meaningful to you as a couple.

Include your guests in your ceremony script

Ask your celebrant to incorporate your guests as possible in the ceremony script, it could be your besties who were on that drunken night out with you when you met, or your brother who has quickly become besties with your new husband! Include some personal stories.

Have a sing-along with your guests

If you have a meaningful song you want to include into your ceremony, ask your guests to sing along. Make it even more fun and pass out tambourines or the likes!

Have a fun recessional

When the couple and the wedding party make their way back up the aisle after the ceremony is over you can ask your guests to throw petals, blow bubbles, or dance. Play your favourite songs, ensure guests are provided with a bubbly and are fed pronto.

Ask guests for marriage advice

Ask your guests for their best marriage advice and include this in the ceremony, or at the reception, printed out on guest tables and around the venue.

Write each guest a note

A really cute way to make each guest feel welcome at your wedding, is by writing each of them a personal letter, that they receive when they sit down at the reception. This can include why they are important to you, important memories you’ve shared and even a photo or two.

Written by Jem – Feature Weddings