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10 ways to feel more comfortable in front of a camera


We get it, posing for a photo can be daunting. Here are 10 ways to feel more comfortable in front of the camera on your wedding day.


1. Work with a photographer you feel comfortable with

It is so important to hire a photographer that you trust and feel at ease with. Your photographers and videographers will be with you most of the day, from getting ready to dancing the night away. Choose someone that you not only love the work of, but you get along with as a person. At Feature, we like to think of ourselves as extended family on your wedding day, let’s have some fun and enjoy it!


2. Where an outfit up that you just love


Make sure you choose a dress, suit or the like, alongside make-up and hair that makes you feel like a supermodel! When you feel at your best you’ll naturally relax and enjoy it more. Take your time to choose the outfit and vendors who will help you glow on your wedding day.


3. Communicate your insecurities


Let’s face it, every single one of us has insecurities, it’s only natural. Let us know what yours are, we promise we will treat them in confidence and consider them while we take shots on your wedding day. For example, I’m insecure about my nose and wouldn’t be wanting many/ any profile shots! We get it.


4. Practice poses and expressions in front of the mirror


There’s nothing like a bit of time in front of the mirror with me, myself and I practicing poses and expressions. Have fun with it and see how your body looks best and the most natural. Forced poses are exactly that, so just relax and enjoy.


5. Communicate clearly what you like in photos


Let us know exactly the type of photos you like, and send us Pinterest inspiration, to ensure we are on the same page. The more we communicate before the wedding and understand your vision the better.

6. Lean on your partner for support, and/ or bring a supportive friend or family member along


It’s not just you in front of the camera today, your partner and family members are probably feeling a bit nervy too. Lean on them for support and even bring a trusted friend along on the shoot if they will help.

7. Breathe


Breathe, breathe, breathe! So many of us hold our breath when a photo is being taken. Remind yourself to breathe in and out slowly and try to relax.


8. Embrace PDA


Embrace PDA! It looks amazing on camera and will ensure you have those priceless pictures you’ll look back on for years and years to come. You are newly married, enjoy it. Kiss your man, gaze lovingly into your new wife’s eyes. Whatever works for you.

9. Get to know your photographer – ask questions, we are an open book


Get to know us and ask questions about us and our backgrounds. You are sharing so much of yourself with us on your wedding day and we are happy to do the same. Connections are what we are all about.


10. Have fun with it


Ultimately, have fun with it! So much of your wedding day is spent getting ready, posing for photos and trying to get around all your guests. It will fly by. So relax and enjoy your photos, be silly and uniquely you. Your photos and your happiness on the day, will be better for it.


Written by Jem – Feature Weddings